Edmunds Ranks Customer Loyalty by Vehicle Segment

18 Sep

How loyal are you? Not to your family, friends and significant other but to your vehicle? Or, more accurately, your vehicle category. This blogger, for instance, has always been a “truck girl” and, with the exception of a Honda Accord … Read More »

Ford Ranger Shines in the 2012 Global Pickup Shootout

3 Sep

Need a vacation?  Join us “day-own und-uh” for the results of the PickupTrucks.com Global Pickup Shootout!  This year’s contest pitted the four most popular pickups in Australia against each other (the Aussies call ‘em “utes”).  They are the Ford Ranger, … Read More »

Win a Truck and a Trip! Toby Keith and Ford Team Up for the “Live in Overdrive” Tour/Sweepstakes

15 Jun

Do you have big plans this summer? Do you want some? ‘Cause Toby Keith and Ford Trucks are taking their longtime partnership on the road again, this time in the “Live in Overdrive” Tour, and could be inviting YOU to … Read More »

Warm Weather Driving Prep: Get Your Vehicle Set for Summer

3 May

Summer’s a’comin’! So, it’s time again to treat your vehicle to a little TLC. Last November, we posted a list of everything you might need to tackle winter driving conditions. Now that the studded and snow tires have (hopefully) been … Read More »