A Used Ford You Never Considered

15 Aug

If you’re in the market for a vehicle and you’re researching used, chances are you’re looking to save money.  Conversely, if budget’s not a concern you’re probably considering new inventory.  But maybe pre-owned vehicles are worth considering in both cases!  … Read More »

Ford Announces World’s First Ecoboost-Powered Sport Truck

8 Jul

Move over, Ford Raptor, your mini-me’s on the way! Ford Motor Corporation has announced it will be adding the “first-ever Ecoboost-powered sport truck” to the 2014 lineup in the form of the F-150 Tremor. The all-new truck is designed for … Read More »

Butler Ford Becomes Oregon’s Only Roush Dealer

29 Oct

We are SO excited!  Butler Ford is now the only distributor of Roush performance vehicles in the entire state of Oregon!  We’re expecting the first of two Roush Mustang in the next couple days.  AND we expect to be getting … Read More »