How MyFordMobile is Changing the Way we Drive

20 Nov

The automotive industry has changed a lot since we opened shop in Ashland almost 40 years ago. Cars are faster and safer, mass-produced electric vehicles aren’t confined to science fiction, and buckling your seatbelt is no longer optional. But perhaps … Read More »

Ford/Hyundai Make List of Safest Used Cars for Teens

22 Oct

If you’re in the market for a used vehicle for your newly minted teenage driver chances are pretty good you’re looking for a safe vehicle that’s also affordable. A recent survey of parents in that situation found a majority ended … Read More »

Study Shows Military Families Prefer Ford

7 Jul

As we at Butler Automotive Group celebrated American independence this weekend we directed a heap of thanks to military personnel, current and past.  Now, The Blue Oval’s doing the same with news that 3 of every 10 vehicles owned by military family are Fords!   … Read More »

Ford Challenging Toyota for Title of 'Most Popular'

3 Mar

Ford’s giving Toyota a run for its money when it comes to popularity among consumers. reports Toyota’s crown is slipping as shoppers question the Japanese auto maker’s quality over the past half decade.  The website quotes Tom Libby, an automotive … Read More »

Ford is Most Shopped, Best Selling Auto Brand in the US

1 Jul

If you’re looking for a vehicle chances are pretty good you’ll consider a Ford. That’s according to online automotive research company which added up all the people who visited the site, and broke the numbers down by manufacturer. Turns … Read More »

Ford/Lincoln Recall Affects Eight Models

4 Jun

Ford is recalling nearly a half million 2013 vehicles after hundreds of customers complained of fuel leaks.  The 465,000 vehicles include eight models: Taurus, Explorer, Fusion, Flex, and Police Interceptors along with three Lincoln models:  The MKS,MKT and MKZ.  A … Read More »

Ford Sweeps ‘Best Car for the Money’ Awards

25 Feb

When it comes to buying a car we’ve never heard anyone say they want the most expensive, least efficient vehicle out there… not that people don’t buy cars like that; they most certainly do. But if you’re not one of … Read More »