Ford Fusion Hybrid Super Bowl 2014 Commercials

3 Feb

Ford wants to make sure you understand just how great the 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid is when it comes to fuel efficiency. In fact, the Blue Oval says the numbers are so impressive they’re nearly double what you might expect … Read More »

Ford and Kia Make List of Safest Cars of 2013

27 Aug

Vehicles today are safer than they’ve ever been. Technological advances have given us collision-avoidance technology, alert systems, and a whole family of airbags. But, still, some vehicles are safer than others. Leave it to YahooAutos to analyze results from federal … Read More »

Ford Sweeps ‘Best Car for the Money’ Awards

25 Feb

When it comes to buying a car we’ve never heard anyone say they want the most expensive, least efficient vehicle out there… not that people don’t buy cars like that; they most certainly do. But if you’re not one of … Read More »