Ford’s Voodoo Engine Creates Magic in the New Shelby GT350

18 Mar

Ward’s has been covering the automotive industry for over 80 years, and perhaps its most enduring contribution to the field of automotive journalism is its annual list of the car industry’s best engines. This year, one of the engines Ward’s … Read More »

Once Again, Ford Will Lead – This Time in Electric Vehicle Production

9 Jan

Ford recently announced plans to invest $4.5 billion in developing its electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid lineup by 2020, propelling a company that was already at the forefront of alternative-fuel technology into the industry driver’s seat.  But why is Ford, … Read More »

How MyFordMobile is Changing the Way we Drive

20 Nov

The automotive industry has changed a lot since we opened shop in Ashland almost 40 years ago. Cars are faster and safer, mass-produced electric vehicles aren’t confined to science fiction, and buckling your seatbelt is no longer optional. But perhaps … Read More »