Ford Focus RS Named 2017 Car of the Year by AutoGuide

31 Dec

2017-ford-focus-rs-coty-10It’s not every year that a vehicle you sell, service, and spend a lot of time with wins a major award. There are a whole lot of cars out there, and even truly exceptional vehicles can miss out on taking home industry honors. Somehow, though, we thought that wasn’t going to be the case with the Ford Focus RS, which, on top of delighting our customers, has already racked up some major recognition, like a spot on Ward’s coveted Top 10 Engines list.

But the honor foisted on the Focus RS by AutoGuide may just be the loftiest trophy on Ford’s shelf this year: Car of the Year.

The Focus RS is an unapologetically sensational machine. It weighs just under 3500 pounds, and packs a superb 350 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque. Yet what we love so much about this car is that it manages to pack an astonishing punch into a compact, reasonable package. Want to get to the grocery store in some serious style? Look no further. Want to drop the groceries off at home, then compete in a drifting competition? Again, the Focus RS has what you’re looking for.

The one hard guideline on AutoGuide’s Car of the Year competition was that contestants must not be extravagantly expensive, and its ability to deliver true performance at a reasonable price seems to have cemented the Focus RS its title as Car of the Year with ease. “The Ford Focus RS is available in North America for the first time ever, and it’s even better than we were expecting,” As AutoGuide Group Editorial Director Jonathan Yarkony put it, “The Ford Focus RS is available in North America for the first time ever, and it’s even better than we were expecting. Its combination of hard-core performance in a practical package made it an undeniable choice for this year’s 2017 Car of the Year.”

While such high praise is wonderful to hear, we have a sneaking suspicion that there are more awards to come for the Focus RS; if this incredible car’s release has taught us anything, it’s that when it comes to the future of Ford performance, the sky is the limit!