2017 Ford Escape Meets the Mark

29 Nov

001-2017-ford-escape-1It’s no secret or surprise that F-Series trucks are Ford’s best-selling vehicles. If you lined up every F-150 ever made side-by-side, they would span the equator – more than twice.

But if you had to guess, could you name Ford’s second best-selling vehicle?

That would be the Ford Escape, the Blue Oval’s answer to the thriving small-SUV market. And what a resounding answer it is.

All-new for 2017, the Escape is a revelation, and comes as close as any vehicle in Ford’s lineup to demonstrating what makes Ford Motor Company tick. Beautifully designed, feature-packed, and highly-customizable, the Escape is also an incredible value. If Ford stands for anything in 2017, it’s that getting the most bang for your buck means getting a car you’re proud to drive, not just a good deal.

We asked Kristine West, one of our Ford product specialists, what customers are saying about their new Escapes.


“The Escape has everything you could need in a relatively little package,” Kristine said. “It has lots of cargo room, but it’s really agile – it gets really good fuel economy, and unlike a big SUV you don’t need to circle the parking lot looking for a spot you’ll fit in.”

The Escape has the most torque in its class, the second-best horsepower rating, and a surprisingly-sporty suspension for a small SUV. On top of that, the Escape has a completely new look for 2017, which conjures the same attitude as the redesigned Fusion and Focus. Add Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capability, and the Escape is head and shoulders above its competition.

If you’re looking for your next great Escape, we can’t recommend Ford’s 2017 model highly enough!