We’ll Take a Pass – A “Ford Pass” Please

10 Aug


The 2017 Ford Escape received a mid-cycle refresh, which is automotive jargon for a slight facelift, and we’ve been smitten with its aggressive front end since it first rolled off the transport truck. The Escape, Ford’s best-selling nameplate behind the insurmountable F-Series, is as driveable and stylish as it ever has been, but a meaner looking mug and new engine options aren’t the biggest change the Escape brings for the 2017 model year.

Ford has made news for its efforts to prepare for the future of automotive technology, from its partnership with Amazon to its rumored work with Google. The 2017 Escape introduces another Ford innovation designed to enhance the connection between car and driver and to make life, and transportation, easier.

Ford Pass, an application designed for Android and iOS, allows Escape owners to access a wide array of information and controls from their phone. Whether you want to check on your Escape’s fuel level and tire pressure, start your car, turn off your car’s headlights, or even set a start time for your vehicle, Ford Pass allows you to do so with the push of a button.

What’s more, Ford Pass lets drivers reserve and pay for parking spots from their phone. Say, for example, you need to make it to a meeting downtown at 9. In the 2017 Escape, you can reserve the best parking spot, set your car to warm up at 8:30, and get rewards for doing so!

That’s right: also included in Ford Pass is a rewards system, which offers benefits to Ford owners both for purchases like service appointments and paid parking and just for using the app!

We’ve had plenty of fun taking the new Escape for a spin, but we can hardly wait to see everything that Ford Pass has to offer!