Roush’s Cold Air Intake Kit Takes Performance to the Next Level

23 Aug

roush-stage3-mustang-4We love Roush cars. Their motto, “between a road car and a race car is a Roush car,” isn’t just a clever piece of copy – it’s the inspiration for everything they do. Roush has poured its resources and passion for performance into the Ford line of vehicles, and we couldn’t be happier to be a Roush certified dealer.

Or at least, we thought we couldn’t be any happier. The performance and dependability of Roush vehicles doesn’t come cheap, and it really shouldn’t; the Roush Mustangs and F-150s we’ve driven are works of automotive art, inside and out. But a lot of us at Butler drive your average, everyday Mustangs and F-150s, and we’ve stolen more than a few envious glances at their performance counterparts.

That was before we discovered the joys of Roush’s Cold Air Intake (CAI) Kit.

Cold air intakes are pretty simple in theory. They increase horsepower by drawing cold air into the engine, and make your car sound awesome in the process. Only problem is, there are a ton of aftermarket CAI kits out there, and the vast majority only manage to increase your credit card bill. A simple search will yield you articles, pages, and even forums dedicated to the idea that CAI kits are simply expensive gimmicks.

Those doubters have clearly never installed one of Roush’s CAI kits. These units are engineered specifically for the engines of Mustangs and F-150s, which means that installation takes around 15 minutes. It also means that a Roush Cold Air Intake and Flash Pack, which cost a little under $1,000 altogether, adds significant horsepower and torque, improves gas mileage, makes a beautiful noise, and doesn’t void your warranty.

We’re car people. We have driven a lot of them. In some of our cases, we’ve driven thousands of different models and variations. We know what it feels like to add real power to a car, and what it feels like to just make a car louder. This Roush kit is the real deal, and all you have to do is read the Amazon reviews.

“I put this intake on my 2012 F150 Ford Raptor. This system adds even more of a muscle sound to my truck. Anyone that buys this intake will love it.”

“We noticed right off the bat that the gas efficiency went from 12-13 mpg to 15-16 miles per gallon on our Ford F-150. We calculated, we will gain about 70-90 miles PER FILL UP due to this intake kit! We have one for our Mustang (Bullitt) and it too gets better mpg, more like 4-5 mpg (to me that’s a LOT!!)”

“The more you are in the pedal the louder it gets. When you are on the expressway it is calm just like stock. Go to pass that Prius that’s been holding you and everyone else up and you get an aural pleasure that reminds you of why you bought a Mustang to begin with.”

Don’t believe Amazon reviewers? Here’s what Warren Cooper, Managing Partner of Butler, had to say:

“The moment I put my foot down, I felt an obvious difference. If you love driving, you’ll love this kit.”

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have an new intake to install.