Alexa and Ford: Your New BFFs

26 Jul

AmazonEcho_2733_HR (1)

One of our favorite Super Bowl ads this year combined three of our favorite things: comfortable socks, online shopping, and Alec Baldwin.

The Amazon Echo, a cloud-connected, voice-activated smart home speaker, looks more and more like the future of integrated home technology with every software update and new feature. Alexa, the digital personal assistant residing inside the Echo, is like a mix between Siri and a magic genie.

Want a pizza delivered? No need to pick up the phone, just ask Alexa! Want to play your favorite album? Turn down the thermostat? Turn on your security system? Turn off the porch light? Hail an Uber? Just ask Alexa!

That’s a pretty intuitive solution to uniting the various functions of a home in a single, easy-to-use controller. It’s the sort of simple, satisfying integration that we’d love to see in our cars. And heck, why stop there? We’d love to be able to turn on our porch lights when we’re five minutes from home, and we’d love to be able have a virtual assistant sort through our music without trying to navigate a voice control menu.

As it turns out, Ford Motor Company feels the same way we do. They’re partnering with Amazon to bring Alexa to their Sync in-car technology system, allowing drivers to open the garage door from the road, set the thermostat to get to the ideal temperature by the time they get home, and much more.

Ford is working hard to position itself as a leader in advancing in-car technology, and it says a lot about their foresight that they’ve realized a big part of that process will involve uniting their car with out-of-car technologies.

Hey, Alexa! When will Ford start rolling out cars that connect with you?

She says they have yet to announce a formal timeline. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to order a pizza. Hey, Alexa!