Did You Know There Were Qualifications for Ford GT Ownership?

22 Jun


It’s rare for us to spend time on a website intended exclusively for the very-wealthy. We could spend all day on, say, the Ford GT Configurator, but that site is designed to make us happy and give us wallpaper for our computer. But we spent some time on a different, still-Ford-GT-related site today: the Ford GT Concierge, the portal for submitting an application to own a GT.

The window to apply for a GT closed a few weeks ago, but the site is still up, offering tantalizing instructions and frequently-asked-questions that leave us with more questions than answers.

What information does Ford want from you to determine if you’re worthy of parking their supercar in your hermetically-sealed garage? According to the site, Ford “would like to know more about you and your past experiences.”

That’s it. No clues as to what sort of experience would make you more or less interesting. Ford wants to hear it all, apparently. If you have ever written a memoir, this might be the perfect time to apply for the right to pay Ford several hundred thousand dollars.

So we put on our detective hats, in search of the kind of past experiences that might make us worthy of such a majestic machine. We found a wealth of sites that are more forthcoming with Ford’s criteria than Ford, and have compiled a few of the factors that will determine who gets to unleash the power of an American icon.

  1. Must Love Fords – Ford is giving preference to people who have purchased Ford cars in the past, and is giving high priority to applications submitted by folks who own the previous Ford GT.
  2. Must Actually Want to Drive – The new Ford GT will have over-600 horsepower packed into one of the most stunning bodies in automotive history. You don’t get to own one unless you sign a contract promising to actually drive it. Which means we might actually get a chance to see one.
  3. Must Be Really in to Cars – Ford’s application goes on to ask information regarding driving on race tracks, joining enthusiast clubs, donating vehicles to charity, collecting cars…the list goes on and on.

So while that application page may not have been designed for most of our eyes, the Ford GT certainly was, and the 500 lucky people who receive delivery of one next year are being screened to ensure they show off the GT as much as possible.