Introducing Eco Blue, Ford’s New Diesel Engine

13 May


2015 was a rough year for diesel engines. In a year that saw record vehicle sales and the return of the iconic Ford GT, the year’s automotive headlines were stolen by a real Debbie-downer: Volkswagen’s shocking decision to knowingly mislead authorities and consumers about the emissions of their diesel vehicles.

Well, the same company whose surprise-unveiling of the new GT lifted our spirits last year is doing its darnedest to bring smiles back to the faces of diesel lovers everywhere. Ford has introduced its Eco Blue Diesel Engine, designed to offer improved efficiency and increased power.

Anyone who’s ever driven a Ford with an EcoBoost engine recognizes the Ford playbook for making an engine strike the perfect balance between power and fuel economy: reduce internal friction and turbocharge. So the Eco Blue Diesel will increase torque by 20% while also allowing Ford’s diesel engines to pass the stringent changes to emissions standards that are on the horizon.

The Eco Blue Diesel will be introduced initially on the Transit van, replacing the less efficient and less powerful Duratorq engine that also lived under the hood of some Jaguars and Land Rovers. After an initial release for Ford’s van lineup, a smaller version will likely be made available on passenger vehicles.

So if you love diesel engines but don’t want to drive a vehicle that ends up making headlines (and losing value) for its falsified emissions, or if you love your EcoBoost engine but miss the familiar burble of a turbocharged diesel, Ford has you covered.