Truck Month: The Month Our Country Needs

24 Mar

f150-2015The days are getting longer, March is almost in the rearview mirror, and we just set the clocks and hour forward – it can only mean one thing: it must be truck month at Butler Ford!


“But wait,” you might be thinking, as you take your hand away from the mouse to thoughtfully stroke your chin, “I feel like I’ve seen and heard so many truck ads all year; is truck month even a real month?” Well, we’re not in the business of addressing other companies’ advertising models, but one thing is for sure: for us, March is the official month of America’s favorite vehicles.


Why March? Here are three of the first reasons that come to our mind.


1  If you’re anything like many of us, you’ve got a full slate of projects you’ve been hoping to get on top of, and winter weather has put a damper on productivity. With warm, sunny days on the horizon, the time is right for trucks to take center stage as we finally stain that porch, build that shed, or remodel that patio.


2  March is roughly halfway between the release of the current model-year F-150 and next year’s model. This means that we have had the time to really get to know the 2016 F-150, but we aren’t anywhere near ready to look forward to next year’s model. In other words, we’re in the perfect position to really enjoy and celebrate the truck we have, despite being in an industry that is so often concerned with what’s next.


3  March can be a less than exciting month, as months go. We’re halfway between Christmas and the 4th of July, and the wet winter has yet to completely shift into a beautiful spring.


We need something to get excited about.


We need an excuse to drive and celebrate and nothing better represents fun than a beautiful F-150.


We need truck month.