Ford Vehicles Share the (Technological) Love

24 Mar

Cobrajet2 (1)Few carmakers offer as wide a range of vehicles as Ford Motor Company, both in terms of function and price. The feisty Fiesta, a lovely car in its own right, retails for almost 30 times less than Ford’s upcoming supercar, the GT. Yet no matter how different Ford vehicles may be in appearance or MSRP, their design and technology are world-class across the board. Take, for example, four of the most dissimilar vehicles in Ford’s lineup.

The Cobra Jet Mustang and the C-Max Hybrid:

When it comes to raw, straight-line power, Ford doesn’t make a vehicle more impressive than the Cobra Jet Mustang, the most recent version of which is so powerful that it looks like it’s a pair of wings away from taking off like a fighter jet. Surely the Cobra Jet doesn’t have anything in common with the C-Max Hybrid, Ford’s uber-efficient small car. As it turns out, the new Cobra Jet owes at least part of its awesomeness to possibly the most responsible member of the Ford family. The C-Max uses a special water pump to maximize engine cooling and balance engine-temperature. That very same pump lies at the heart of the beastly Cobra Jet.

The Focus RS and the Transit Van:

The Focus RS may rank among the most fun to drive Fords ever released in the United States. Reporters are getting their first crack at test drives in the RS, and it’s proving to be every bit as thrilling as we had all hoped. While Ford’s Transit is currently the undisputed king of the van segment, it doesn’t exactly inspire the kind of talk the Focus RS does among car enthusiasts. But when the RS design team realized their cold air intake was taking in too much cold air, what vehicle did they turn to for parts? The humble Transit, of course. Because of America’s favorite van, the Focus RS can own the road without suffering engine damage.

Ford has made a reputation for itself as a carmaker whose entire lineup has personality and appeal, and every Ford owes some of that appeal to the rest of the lineup.