Once Again, Ford Will Lead – This Time in Electric Vehicle Production

9 Jan


Ford recently announced plans to invest $4.5 billion in developing its electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid lineup by 2020, propelling a company that was already at the forefront of alternative-fuel technology into the industry driver’s seat.  But why is Ford, a company that already offers 3 vehicles with electric capabilities, investing so heavily in adding 13 more such vehicles to its lineup?

There are several reasons, but they share one common theme: foresight. If Ford has learned one thing from the economic collapse that forced its biggest rivals to take federal bailouts, it’s that success in the automotive industry requires planning years, if not decades, ahead.

For one thing, air quality in metropolitan areas has become a major issue worldwide; Beijing recently made international news for importing bottles of clean air from Canada to momentarily combat their incredibly contaminated air. Electric and hybrid vehicles cut down on emissions and help to ensure better air quality.

On a related note, carmakers are collectively racking their brains for ways to continue producing fun, attractive vehicles that manage to pass increasingly-stringent emissions and efficiency standards. Ford CEO Mark Fields recently dropped an incredible piece of gossip during an NPR interview: Ford is developing a hybrid F-150. When you consider the lengths Ford has gone to make the F-150 lighter and safer, offering a hybrid option sounds like the next step.

If all goes according to plan, 40% of Ford’s lineup will be hybrids or electric vehicles by 2020. While that may sound like a bold statement in 2016, Ford is banking on that number sounding a lot less surprising in the 20s. While we’re excited to see what the next wave of Ford vehicles brings, between the Focus Electric and the C-Max and Fusion Energis, we already have our fair share of electrifying vehicles in stock!