Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Teams Up with Ford for New Campaign

14 Oct

rockjohnsonChevy can say their trucks are “like a rock,” but only Ford can lay claim to the endorsement of the Rock, Dwayne Johnson. The professional wrestler turned actor will now take a starring role in a new Ford campaign promoting dealership service departments, titled “The Specialists at Ford.”

“The Specialists at Ford,” which will be featured on TV, radio, and social media, highlights the many benefits of having Ford vehicles serviced, maintained, and repaired at an authorized Ford dealership. Dwayne Johnson is a natural fit as a Ford spokesman, as he has long been a fan of Ford vehicles and owns an F-150 that he calls “The Black Gorilla.”


Nor is Johnson unaccustomed to sharing the limelight with vehicles; The Rock has appeared in the last three installments of the “The Fast and the Furious” franchise, although his partnership with Ford looks certain to involve fewer car chases and shootouts.

Johnson will be leading a crack team of Ford specialists equipped with the tools and experience to tackle any problem. We at Butler Ford are very excited to see what Johnson’s action star pedigree brings to these segments, but we are already clear on the benefits of taking Ford cars to a Ford dealership.

Our technicians are incredibly well-trained professionals working with the most advanced diagnostic equipment available, using tools custom-designed by Ford specifically for use on Ford vehicles. For a vehicle to be covered by its warranty, it has to be maintained up to the standard outlined in the owner’s manual. There is no better way to ensure that a vehicle is kept up to this standard than by entrusting it to the men and women who have dedicated their education and career to maintaining and repairing a particular style of vehicle.

We love our service technicians, and we’re excited for Ford and Dwayne Johnson to highlight just how heroic a truly gifted and dedicated tech can be!