The Fusion Energi is Electrifying

26 Sep

fusion-energi-charging-620In recognition of Ford’s acclaimed endeavors in the field of electric and hybrid vehicles, we’re reviewing each of the three members of Ford’s alternative-fuel lineup – the Focus Electric, the C-Max Energi, and the Fusion Energi – in turn. Our third and final installment features the Ford Fusion Energi, a plug-in hybrid version of Ford’s flagship midsize car.

The Fusion Energi may be the best looking plug-in hybrid on the road; when we took one to the inaugural Southern Oregon Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Show last year, we had more than one show-goer ask us why we parked a Tesla in a Ford tent! The Fusion Energi is an ideal fit for drivers who value style and efficiency.

Like the C-Max Energi, the Fusion Energi is perfect for drivers who routinely drive short distances but want the ability to drive long distance if necessary. The Fusion Energi’s EPA-estimated 20 mile electric range is enough for many drivers to get to work and back on a single charge, meaning those with access to a charging port at home or at work could go months without pulling into a gas station.

At least four staff members of the Butler Automotive family drive the Fusion Energi, and the simplest explanation for the proliferation of stylish plug-in hybrids in our parking lot is perhaps best voiced by U.S.A. Today’s Test Drive segment, which opined, “alternative power vehicles should look and drive like normal cars to broaden their appeal beyond fans. Fusion Energi passes that test with a high grade.”

The Fusion Energi drives like a dream, is as efficient as its Hybrid counterpart when its charge runs out, and allows drivers with shorter commutes and access to charging stations to bypass the pump completely during their daily routine. As Ford continues to produce vehicles with the elegance and eye towards innovation that the Fusion Energi demonstrates, the decision to give plug-in hybrids a chance will become easier for drivers and automakers alike.