Ford’s C-Max Energi Wins the Hearts of Butler Employees

19 Sep

mattcarAs a tribute to Ford’s dedication to electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, we’re dedicating writing about each of Ford’s entries in this emerging automotive field. Electric alternatives to conventional, fossil fuel powered vehicles are both environmentally beneficial and less expensive to fuel, despite recent price drops at the pump. In fact, each member of Ford’s electric lineup has won the heart of at least one Butler employee. This week’s entry is dedicated to the spacious and spritely C-Max Energi.

The C-Max Energi has the smooth handling and spacious, comfortable interior of the C-Max Hybrid, but adds a battery that gives drivers an estimated 20 miles of completely electric range. Both members of Butler’s marketing department, who have had the opportunity to drive most vehicles in the lineups of four different automakers, own and drive a C-Max Energi. As far as testaments to its versatility and drivability go, it’s hard to do better than that!

A major factor in the calculus behind driving a C-Max Energi is its ability to function as an incredibly fuel-efficient hybrid for long drives and as an electric vehicle for short commutes. As Matt, Internet Marketing Coordinator, put it, “when you own a C-Max Energi, you have to refuel so rarely that you can lose track of gas prices.” Matt’s comparison of the C-Max Energi’s invention to the moon landing and the construction of the Great Wall of China, while a glowing endorsement, does not hold up as well under scrutiny.

cmaxredBailey, our Social Media and Marketing Assistant, is similarly glowing in his assessment of Ford’s plug-in wagon. “I’ve put almost 1,000 miles on my C-Max Energi, and I’ve used just over half a tank of gas. As someone who commutes under 20 miles round trip every day, I could literally never go to a gas station again if I didn’t like to go on longer excursions from time to time.”

Although electric vehicle technology is not yet able to meet everyone’s needs, as a plug-in hybrid, the C-Max Energi is officially ready for its close-up. Well-equipped, speedy, spacious, and remarkably comfortable, the C-Max Energi is electric to drive even when its charge has run out.