Protect Your Tailgate with a Hinge Lock

5 Sep
Would you steal this tailgate?

Would you steal this tailgate?

Weird news from the National Insurance Crime Bureau has us thinking about investing in hinge locks. According the NICB tailgate thefts are up, especially in Texas where the numbers of stolen tailgates jumped more than 30% from 2012 to 20131 California and Arizona round out the top three.

Apparently there’s huge black market demand for tailgates. The NICB says anything that can be bought for a lower price on the black market ends up in demand. Others speculate that the real draw is the fiber optic technology in tailgate-mounted rear back-up cameras.

So, what can you do to prevent your gate from being lifted? Invest in hinge locks that prevent tailgates from opening. If a thief can’t open your tailgate he can’t steal it. So, buckle your truck up!

For more information and to read the NICB press release in its entirety click here.