New Ford Paint Process Maintains Glossiness

27 May

paintYou know how shiny your new car, truck or SUV was when you bought it? You know how that gloss eventually faded? Ford wants to put an end to that fading.  The company’s developed new paint that may eventually help your vehicle maintain its like-new sheen for years longer than current paint technologies allow. The Blue Oval worked with its paint suppliers to come up with the two-wet monocoat paint process, a system that not only produces more durable paint but that uses less paint on each vehicle, requires the use of less water, and cuts back on emissions. Dennis Havlin is Ford’s global engineering development and launch supervisor.  He says, “Durability was a critical consideration when we initiated this project. The advancements in paint chemistry enable us to deliver the appearance, performance and durability our customers demand.”

The two-wet monocoat paint process uses a primer coat that can be followed up just minutes later by the color coat.  And that’s it!  The technology is currently being used only on the new Ford Transit, and only on vehicles being painted white.

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