Ford Wants You Talking About Breast Cancer

12 May

WIP infographicTo celebrate the 20th anniversary of its Warriors in Pink program Ford wants to get everyone talking about breast cancer! The Blue Oval recently surveyed women across the country to find out about their health concerns and whether they’re talking about them. The results (on infographic, above) suggest that while women are aware of and even worried about breast cancer they rarely talk about the disease. Ford wants to change that in the belief that the more the more aware we are the more we can work on prevention and early detection.

Warriors in Pink not only spreads the word about breast cancer but supports the search for a cause by raising funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, The Dr. Susan Love Research Fund, the Pink Fund and the Young Survival Coalition. All net proceeds from the sale of Warriors in Pink clothing and accessories at go to the above mentioned organizations. Follow the link to see the 2014 line of products.