Meet Butler Ford Sales Consultant Drew Bechard

10 Jan

Drew BechardIf you’re looking for someone to talk cars with, Drew’s your man. The native Californian graduated from high school in Draper, Utah, then moved to Ashland to study at Southern Oregon University. His initial plan was to become a mediator but he found he’d rather use his BS in Communication as it pertains to the automotive industry. There’s plenty to talk about: From the latest models on the road, to the ever changing world of automotive technology, to manufacturers’ building and marketing strategies, Drew can get as detailed as you’d like.

But if you want to see him light up with joy ask him about his 1960 Dodge truck D100. His dad bought the old farm rig for him when he was a toddler but waited until Drew turned 14 to give him the keys. From 14 to 18 Drew worked in a hot rod shop, and then focused those skills on rebuilding the Dodge. The result is a masterpiece that’s truly one of a kind. “Nothing on that truck’s original,” Drew says, except for the dash, which is re-coated in mahogany.

As for days he’s not focused on cars and trucks, Drew’s most likely hunting, enduro riding, or picking morel mushrooms. Chances are good he’s joined by his new bride, Ellie, whom he married in summer 2013.