Ford Simulates Sunlight at Lighting Lab

31 Dec
Ford's Deerborn, MI "Lighting Lab"

Ford’s Dearborn, MI “Lighting Lab”

If you miss the sun during the cold, dark months of Winter imagine what it’s like for people who need the sun in order to complete their work! Such is the case for engineers at Ford working to reduce sun-glare on vehicle instrument panels. Enter the Visual Performance Evaluation Lab, also known as the Lighting Lab, at Ford’s Deerborn, Michigan plant. The lab uses a planetarium-like dome ceiling and up to 6,000 watts of electricity to simulate sunlight at all times of day. The flexible lighting allows engineers to create instrument panels and gauges visible in all kinds of lighting conditions. All to guarantee you can see what you’re doing when operating a Ford! Now, about sharing some of that light with the rest of us…