Ford is Most Shopped, Best Selling Auto Brand in the US

1 Jul
2013 Ford Edge is one of the brand's popular models.

2013 Ford Edge, one of the brand’s popular models.

If you’re looking for a vehicle chances are pretty good you’ll consider a Ford. That’s according to online automotive research company which added up all the people who visited the site, and broke the numbers down by manufacturer. Turns out, nearly one in every 6 visitors considered a Ford car, SUV or truck! And many of them purchased. So far this year Ford’s sold 1,024,000 vehicles! Since it’s a brand we at Butler Auto Group sell we’d also like to mention that Hyundai makes the list, too. Scroll down for the rest of the top ten or click here for the entire article.

Top Car Brands Americans Shop For:

1. Ford
2. Toyota
3. Honda
4. Chevy
5. Nissan
6. Hyundai
7. Mazda
8. BMW
9. Subaru
10. Volkswagen