1978 Ford F-150 Shines in ‘Cheap Truck Challenge’

13 May

$4,000, tops.  That’s how much the guys who participate in Dirt Every Day’s Cheap Truck Challenge are allowed to spend.  2-grand to buy a vehicle and  2- grand to soup it up.  The 2013 episode pits a 1978 Ford F-150 against a 1993 Landcruiser and an ’89 Jeep Cherokee.  The competition includes rock crawling, hill climbing and mug bogging.  And big 80’s-hair wigs, although we’re not sure why.  Doesn’t matter, though.  At the risk of spoiling the suspense we’ll just say it’s hard to beat a Ford, no matter what vintage it may be.  Enjoy!

Source:  www.motortrend.com