Just Because it’s Winter Doesn’t Mean it’s Not Convertible Season

12 Mar
2012 Mustang ragtop

2012 Mustang ragtop with the top down… in March.

It happens every winter: The sun breaks free of the clouds over Southern Oregon, gives us two or three weeks of Spring-like weather, and suddenly the urge to wrangle the hardtop off my Jeep is overwhelming. But I am a warm-weather person and March is simply too early to be driving around top-less.

Or is it? Because today I dropped the top on a 2012 Mustang convertible and went for a spin… Comfortably… In 60-degree weather. Me, the chick who never uses air conditioning and yet still sleeps comfortably under two down comforters and flannel sheets in August, didn’t shiver once while traveling the freeway with nothing more in the way of outerwear than a denim jacket. If I’d been in the less aerodynamic Wrangler I would have needed a sweatshirt, parka, and gloves, at the very least! AND the wind resistance wasn’t so loud as to drown out the stereo! So, here’s to Ford, powerful heaters, good design, and the start of convertible season!