Edmunds Ranks Customer Loyalty by Vehicle Segment

18 Sep
2013 Ford Superduty truck

There’s somethin’ ’bout a truck…

How loyal are you? Not to your family, friends and significant other but to your vehicle? Or, more accurately, your vehicle category. This blogger, for instance, has always been a “truck girl” and, with the exception of a Honda Accord hatchback driven briefly in high school, I’ve stayed pretty true to the truck/SUV segment.

And that’s pretty much what a study conducted by Edmunds predicted. The poll ranked customer loyalty to 22 vehicle categories… The top five segments with the most faithful customers are, in order: Large trucks, vans, minivans, premium sports cars and premium luxury cars. Subcompacts bring up the rear. To view the entire list and see whether you and your car/truck/SUV preferences have much company visit http://blogs.insideline.com/straightline/2012/09/the-list-22-vehicle-categories-ranked-by-brand-loyalty.html.

Source: www.insideonline.com