College Cars

26 Aug

2012 Ford Ranger 2010“Back to school” time usually means a trip to Walmart for Peechee folders and pens. But the folks at Motortrend are thinking along the lines of getting to school and putting together a list of the “Top 10 Cars Under $10,000 for College Students”. We’re not sure how much research went into the list as the writer simply polled his colleagues but, we agree with many of their choices, especially the older model Ford Mustang and Ranger, and the Acura RSX. Their criteria varied but tended to include coolness quotient, the ability to haul stuff, ease of parking, efficiency, and the fun factor.

We’d like to add one more vehicle to the list: The 1983 Ford Bronco II which, in our experience, met all but one of the criteria (fuel efficient it wasn’t) and had the added bonus of being solid as a tank. In fact, we miss it so much we wrote a love letter to the Baby Bronc.

How ‘bout you… what did you drive in college? Would you recommend it to the undergrads of today?