August 2012 “Drive One 4 UR School” to Benefit Grizzly Football a Success!

14 Aug

The forecast called for record-breaking heat.  But the morning of August 11, 2012 dawned slightly hazy and relatively cool thanks to nearby forest fires, making for a perfect Saturday afternoon to hold a fundraiser for the Ashland High School football.  As you may know, Drive One 4 UR School is a Ford Motor Corporation (FMC) program that partners Ford dealerships with local high schools to raise money for athletics, art, and other extracurricular activities.  On Drive One days each qualified test drive earns $20 for the beneficiary school, up to $6000.  Once a year that amount is upped to $8,000 if drivers take a second spin, this time in a specified vehicle.  In order for FMC to donate the full amount, the dealership and the school must bring in 300 qualified test drivers and encourage 200 of them to go on more than one test drive.

This past weekend… it looks like we did it!  Final numbers will be in soon but we’re feeling pretty good about them.  All the proceeds will go to the Grizzly football team in support of the Pac Rim Bowl, a unique program that pits Ashland High against a team of Japanese All-Stars in a game held every two years.   The 2013 game will see the Grizz traveling to Japan, which is why the race to raise the $140,000 it will cost to transport the entire team is already under way (for more information on the Pac Rim Bowl and last year’s game visit:’s-curtis-hancock-the-ashland-grizzlies-football-team-and-the-pacific-rim-bowl/. For information on additional fundraisers keep an eye on

In the meantime, big thanks to the hundreds of people who turned out to support their favorite Ashland High athlete, those who simply wanted to help local kids, and the dozens of Ashland High students and staff and Butler employees who donated their time and braved the potential heat to make the event happen!