Ford Trucks Sport New Ford-Built Engine

19 Sep

As of 2011, all Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks are sporting Ford-built diesel
engines.  In 2009, Ford Motor Corporation
announced it would take over the engines’ design and manufacturing from
Navistar International Corp. with which it had been partnering since 1979.  The relationship had been tested in 2003 when the Navistar-built 6-liter engine led to consumer complaints and, ultimately, a  lawsuit filed by Ford.  Although Navistar  continued to produce diesel engines for Ford over the following few years, Ford
ultimately decided to go out on its own, designing, testing and building its own 6.7-liter turbocharged V-8.  The  company touts the new engine as offering “significant improvements in torque, horsepower and fuel economy while adding more fueling flexibility and easily meeting stringent new emissions requirements.”