Are You Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

16 Feb

A friend of mine recently bought a sports car. He knew he wanted a used car, and he knew he wanted luxury and performance. But that’s all he knew when he went into the process; he had no brand loyalty or, even brand preference. He researched. He test drove. He compared numbers, and not just the ones having to do with price.

Ultimately, the car he ended up buying was the one he’d originally dismissed for fear it would be too expensive. While he’s over the moon with his purchase he’ll also tell you his choice made sense. It was driven by reason.

What impressed me about his process was that it was so methodical, so logical, so left-brained. I have never gone about buying a car like that. In my world, a certain budget must be adhered to and… that’s about it. For me, the decision is all emotional. I either love it or I don’t and the rest is not up for discussion.

That attitude is shifting in that the desire to be more environmentally friendly is coming into play, as are considerations like fuel economy and seating capacity. Daisy Dog and I don’t t take up too much space or cover a tremendous number of miles so, the latter two are still flexible. But even if they weren’t, I just can’t see myself, unless it were absolutely necessary, buying a vehicle that didn’t bring me joy. I need to love the feeling of driving it. I need to appreciate its lines. I need to adore, yes, even the color (See “Silver” blog: It’s not completely irrational… but it’s close. My process is driven by the right-side of my brain.

Which side governs yours?