“Focus Rally: America” Featuring Skiing Champion Jonny Moseley

23 Dec

Look for the return of skiing champion Jonny Moseley to TV next month (January). You can bet he’ll be flashing that mischievous grin but, not to enhance a “spinning corkscrew” (a ski jump he invented).  Instead, he’ll be laying on the charm as host of an interactive reality show starring… drum roll, please… the 2012 Ford Focus!  Ford’s billing the show as the “first real-time interactive road rally”.  The fact that the car is the main talent isn’t the only feature setting “Focus Rally: America” apart from other reality shows.  The five week series will allow you, the viewer, to participate, and not just by calling in a vote.  Check here for details: 


 Even if you’re not a Moseley fan, it’ll be worth tuning in just to get an early look at the 2012 Focus.  See you at the race!